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On this page you can find the questions customers frequently ask for. You can also ask Sean simply by filling out the form!

How to confirm and pay for a tour!

  – deposit of 1250 baht per adult

First you send in your request for a tour with all the details that we need to make your tour as good and rememberable as possible. Once you have received confirmation of the dates of your tour we ask you to please pay a deposit of 1250 baht per adult online using PayPal .

(PayPal  account user name:

By paying the deposit, you are ensuring your reservation.

The balance of the payment we ask you to pay in cash on the morning of the tour.

Hint: Click on any text that says ⇒ PayPal  or a logo to open the PayPal  website in to a new window, make your deposit to and when making the deposit, please include:

  1. your full name (the name the reservation was made under)
  2. The tour or tours
  3. date of tour in the comments section of the PayPal payment page.

Refund policy for NudiTours

NudiTours refund through PayPal. It is instant and you will receive an email from PayPal as soon as we process it. However, there may be a delay of several working days for your own bank to credit your bank account or credit card. Any delay in this regard is an issue that you have to diskuss with your bank provider, not NudiTours.

NudiTours will not be liable for any currency fluctuations. The amount refunded to your credit card may differ from the price you paid if there is a devaluation in a currency. Furthermore, we only accept and refund in Thai Baht.

NudiTours does not over crowd people on the speedboats tours since we strive for quality for our customers.  A maximum of 20 guests per tour. We do this so that your tour with NudiTours will be a pleasant and relaxing speedboat tour from Phuket Thailand. And that way NudiTours will only have happy and satisfied customers that feel that they get their moneys worth. Please feel free and read all the great reviews that NudiTours have gotten from previous customers. NudiTours Reviews on TripAdvisor

NudiTours offers Guarantee

If you come to the conclusion that you did not like our tour. Or if we failed to deliver on our promises. Then you can ask for your money back.

NudiTours have a 100% Awesome Day Guarantee. But the 100% Awesome Day Guarantee is only for people who have gone out on the tour. This 100% Awesome Day Guarantee does not apply to No-Shows or Late Cancellations when our normal policy applies.

Bad weather and safety

NudiTours always puts your safety before profits. If the weather forecast is likely to be unpleasant or unsafe NudiTours will cancel the tour and you will be given the option to reschedule or receive a full refund of your deposit. So even if you are comfortable to go out in choppy seas we might have other families that have booked that will not have a great experience on the tour. And since NudiTours strive to have happy customers with wonderful memories of a wonderful tour on the Andaman sea we always put them first.

Snorkeling equipment and life jackets

NudiTours brings all the snorkeling equipment so their is no need for you to bring any snorkeling equipment except your camera if you want or other personal items of your preference.

Even if you have never snorkeled before we will be there to help you feel safe in the water and take good care of you and your kids if you bring them along.

We also have life jackets if you feel safer with them on you or your kids.

Cancellation policy for NudiTours

NudiTours has a 5 day cancellation policy. If you cancel your reservation outside 5 days prior to your tour date, your payment deposit will be refunded to you. No refunds will be given with less than 5 days notice. If you cancel because of illness we can issue you with a receipt which  allows you to claim back the money you paid from your own travel insurance provider.

If we cancel your tour due to weather or other unforeseeable condition, we will reschedule your tour for another available time, or give you a full refund. It will be your choice. If we need to cancel we will try and contact you by sms, email and leaving a message at your hotel.