“Super Awesome Phang Nga Bay tour !!!”

Let me start by saying wife and me enjoyed a lot with Nudi Tours and I strongly recommend to book a tour with them only.


Phang Nga Bay Tour on koh Hong Island

The Tour : Phang Nga Bay

– The tour has extensive list of places to visit and enjoy the scenic beauty of the islands. From exploring caves to the water activities, it has all one can expect on the tour.
– From pick up to the drop we felt the service very seamless and perfectly organised.
– This was the low season so there was only one couple with us and a beautiful and powerful speedboat to us. Felt like a private tour to us with dedicated staff.
– Can’t explain whole tour, you need to experience by yourself, but for glimpse check pics.

Swimming on the Phang Nga Bay Tour

Swimming on the Phang Nga Bay Tour

About Nudi:

– The staff was very friendly and helpful through the trip.
– The knowledge of the places and information about activities/visit was given well detailed. It was all friendly talk and not the lecture.
– Facilities like life jackets, water, drinks, waterproof bags, towels are all provided.
– There are mainly two person driving this tours. Sean and Sompong, more about them below.

Canoing on the Phang Nga Bay tour

Canoing on the Phang Nga Bay tour


– I got contact from website and I was interacting with Sean on whatsapp. I must say chatting on whatsapp was very quick and it made me more comfortable about quality of the company.
– Sean was very helpful in all water related activities as wife and me both don’t know swimming and are little scared of water. Sean took me and my wife individually to the point where we can see fish with snorkeling. Thanks for this.

Cave exploring on the tour

– Sompong is local person with knowledge and experience.
– The energy Sompong has amazed us. He was taking our pics like professional camera man and I must appreciate the moves he was making to take pics from different angles.
– Sompong at the end stole the show by his funny dance moves when the tides were strong and boat was literally bouncing. Sorry Sean 😉

Lunch at Floating Village
Lunch Food:

– We are vegetarians and we found the food very tasty (Indian spice taste). There were many different Veg dishes that we could not even finish.

Us with the NudiTeam

– I have just booked over whatsapp and Since I did not have proper mode to pay in advance, Sean just asked me to pay on the day of the tour.

Value for Money:

– Compared to other tour companies nudi may sound costly but you get what you pay.
– With nudi the experience was memorable due to dedication and support I got from staff.
– For this kind of scenic tours going with regular cheap company can very well ruin the experience and that’s not worth the little amount you pay.

Swimming on the Phang Nga Bay Tour

At last I thank both Sompong and Sean and nudi staff to make our trip memorable, fun and enjoyable.



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  1. achal soni December 4, 2016 at 9:59 am - Reply

    This was by far the highlight of our trip. While researching we found a few cheaper options but the reviews of Nudi tour convinced us to go with the 5 * experience.

    5 star it was. The booking experience was very smooth. We communicated with Sean via email and he was able to give us a quote and provide all the details we needed. There were no issues with the booking and the service and promptness he provided during the booking process assured us that we were going to be in for a good trip.

    The pick up from the hotel was also very smooth. The van arrived on time and it was a comfortable drive to the pier. There was a nice little spread laid out for us to have prior to the tour. Sean and his crew provided all the snorkelling equipment

    The whole experience was absolute 5 star and superb. Nothing was left to spare by Sean and his crew. Everyone was very friendly and caring. They took excellent care of my elderly mother and ensured that she was comfortable at all times.

    The highlight of the trip was tour guide Sompong. Wow what an asset to have. He was superb guide very knowledgeable and extremely personable. He kept us all entertained and told us tons of stories. An ABSOLUTE asset to Nudi tours. Sean make sure you keep him around.

    The tour was awesome. It was a private tour away from all the hustle and bustle. The sights were beautiful , serene and breath taking. This is an absolute must do tour and it has to be done with Sean and his crew.

    You will have an unforgettable trip, enjoy great food and meet friendly people. You will come back with a smile on our face and throughly entertained by Sean and his crew.

    Kudos to Sean, Sompong and the rest of the nudi tours crew. An absolute gem !!!

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